The value of creativity and brilliance lies in the impact, hence our focus on it

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Media Address effectively create and execute the A-Z plan for the IPO, allowing you to maximize the benefits of the public listing.
We bring first-class expertise to ease, and elevate our client’s experience

The value of creativity and brilliance lies in the impact. That’s why “The Media Address” focuses on creating modern branding identities that will impact the future.


We strive to provide professional, yet niche-related branding services to our clients to convert their audiences into customers; with us, you will stand out from the crowd.


We are brand strategists and insights seekers. Our creative solutions for visual identities travel beyond creating shapes. We explore the broader image and bring meaning to the brands. Our results are driven by our client’s ambition, insights, and vision for their business, and they are taken through a journey of in-depth profiling, researching, analysing, and testing, all to bring them a meaningful visual form that reflects their idea, according to our standards. We are their voice, their subconscious manifesting before their eyes, and the guide guiding their dream to a successful reality.


– Naming

– Brand Strategy

– Logo Design

– Usage guidelines

– Brand messaging statements

– Brand marketing and promotion strategy

– Marketing collaterals

– Presentation design

– Brochure and stationery design

– Vision and mission statements

– Packaging and product design

– Website design and development

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